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  • Actually as boxers punch they turn the thumb down so that the shoulder protects the face. So By counter punching I mean Oliver had to strike first to get hit in the shoulder. If U deflect a punch it will not hit U in the shoulder.I wish I was the lawyer on this case. Such an easy easy win. When the smoke settles if Gabe can prove this was a set up he can sue for emotional distress and prove that Halle is an irresponsible parent maeaning he should get custody and the beech has to pay him child support.
  • Oliver is supposed to be a boxer. Its almost impossible to hit a boxer in the shoulder when he deflects a punch. Stick your hands up and have a friend try to hit u in the shoulder. This can only actually happen with a counter punch. However the first punch Gabe threw supposedly struck Oliver in the shoulder. The shoulder injury is actually more consistent with having someone punch him there deliberately so that he could show a bruise. Think about it if U ask someone to hit U the shoulder is the logical place to do it. CCTV is a great thing Gabe needs to get his lawyers to file a subpoena to get a copy of the security tapes. If Halle deleted the tape this actually proves that Oliver did attack Gabe. If Halle says o well the camera was not recording that proves that the attack was premeditated. It seems consistent with the guy threatening him the previous day and Halle being distressed as well. One thing is for sure I will never watch another movie with this woman creature.