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  • yeah yeah thats right.....
  • Sorry but I dont understand why u send lots of pic... i can see that u dont look alike kim from 1 pic....:S
  • no.... not twinz....
  • ohhh babe u looks soo beautiful on this pic:) tell me where do u live in europe?:) I think we r thr biggest KK fans in the EU:D LoL xxxxx
  • here is perfect ur make up!!! how u doin?:) I wanna try it:)
  • yeah I know but ur words may hurt this girl so much....
  • U r so beautiful and dont care bout shesofake i guess that she is ugly and fat and she wanna hurts the nicer girl like you and me:) U r very very beautiful!!!! and im envy ur curves:)
  • the lips r the same but the shape of her face is very very different... i think that isaura r much better and nicer....sorry
  • U not look like Amy... its stupid:D but not kimmie too. but u look like an italian/arabic/latina beauty:)
  • NOOO, she is the mix : a bit Kimmie, a bit Monica, and a bit Rosaline :)