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  • {Lourenco}Couldn't agree more! Seriously you people that write such negitive comment's are creepy! On that note that is probably one good reason she is pressing charges so in the future the jealous and psychotic "fans" don't do something to actually harm her or her family! We live in a world w/ reality t.v. She doesn't do drugs,and seems to set a good example by moving forward to do better with her life bc like everyone of us the girl has a past..there's a reason its called the passed. She earns her own money. Just because her dad had money wasn't a guarantee she (or any of them) would be successful! That's something everyone has a choice at.. to work or be a lazy waste of space. And what's soo wrong with being spoiled if you are able to spoil yourself!? Considering their lifestyle they seem as down to earth as they probably can be..Im sure you'd be worried how you looked if you had so many nasty people in this world Judging your every move!