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  • omg some of the comments on here are hysterical lol you all act like you know them or something- NOBODY knows the truth about their relationship, its equally as likely that they are and arn't together. you can't base a real relationship of a fictional one that they are acting in a movie and staged photoshoots. maybe (crazy concept i know!) if they say that a relationship between them is impossible and they deny it in one way or another people should believe that they arn't actually dating. would they/are they a cute couple, yes. but just because they have chemistry does not prove anything
  • i understand her POV and her not wanting to be in the spotlight because besides a select few fame-hungry people, no one does. but i think she needs to stop complaining and understand that in this day and age with the way the industry is AND the fact that she is a huge part of a franchise, being an actor means being a celebrity. 90% of the time the two are mutually exclusive. i like kstew but she needs to just accept the fact that unfortunately this is how her life is going to be for a while and find a good way to cope with it
  • they're super cute...they look really happy together
  • i just think its kind of silly all the hype around they look like a couple?? so they were on the same flight back to the city that they both what.