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  • That dress is SO GORGEOUS!!!
  • I can see her curves just fine. Look right above her bathing suit bottom & you can see her womanly curves. I'm responding because the comment puzzled me....? She looks good.
  • "skinny but still fat"???? Seriously? The first thing I thought was 'what a cute figure she has for being so short'. Short gals have a hard time keeping a flat stomach, thin legs, thin arms, & small tushies. I think she looks great. The comment I'm replying to is what makes girls anorexic. (See Lindsay Lohan pics w/ model friend) It's too bad there are comments like that about this adorably fit young woman....
  • I like the fact that she's not a toothpick & has curves, but it's her style that makes her look tacky. She's a bit too much, whether it be a "bikini", or an entire outfit. You can still look sexy w/out showing the world your ass & tits. (And no, I'm not a "fat pig" or toothpick or any other "hater") Just commenting like the rest of you...