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  • I have been around some really high people and these eyes are those of someone that needed to do another line.
  • Agreed. She has the body of a child. I have had plastic surgery and well into my twenties. They look awesome, but then I see these 16 year old stomach and legs. However, I don't get the 40 yr old face. I am so confused with the 90's shoes also. STOP PIMPING THIS POOR GIRL WITH EMPTY PROMISES! This image is ruining her the way Spencer ruined Heidi. Stop it.
  • I agree. It could be cute for some 16 year old cheerleaders doing their car wash for the team at the local mall. Of course with something covering below a bit, but yes, this is what I have been saying. She is still a girl. Still saying she is being pimped because the 90's look is out and the beautiful classy sexy. If you look at my prior responses you will understand what I mean. I have had plastic surgery and men respond to showing a bit of thigh muscle and some cleavage with a pretty face...not this look. Nobody is modeling like this anymore. I think Pamela Anderson called and wants her shoes from her photo shoots from the 90's back in her relic closet.
  • OMG...ugh what is that in her underwear. God, please tell me she had to wear a pantiliner that day and it got bunched up. Otherwise, ewwww. Again, the 90's are over and some old guy is pimping this poor girl. Her body is so girl like from the neck down and so over 40 from the leather neck and up. I am sorry, these people upset me that they are going to fill this girl with promises that aren't going to come true with this type of image. 2012 is classy sexy. I have fake ones, but that bit of sexy cleavage and sexy curves with muscle in the legs, but just a peek is sexy. Not this. It is all about the imagination and the face tells a story. This one is a sad story of a young girl being pimped by some weird guy.
  • Her body is like a very young girl...her legs hold no muscle or curve, but at the top she looks over is like they have done some horrible photoshopping. I am sorry, but somebody is trying to pimp this poor girl and making empty promises. The days of looking cheap are so 90's.
  • You are kind to say 25 as I had no idea who this person was until about two months ago and sadly I really thought she was easily in her 40's. I feel very sad for her. I could go out there and act like that, but it is called being classy sexy. Not trashy sexy. Of course, guys are going to come on and say "whoo boobs" but I have false ones yet they look sexy with some cleavage showing. I just cannot believe these are not pre-planned. Hey TMZ we are going to be at ____. She will do anything to be famous and I hate for her to crash and burn. I care about these people. Why is she calling out for this attention? How great would she look dressed but classy sexy...that outfit is just a hot mess. I bought those shoes for my halloween costume last year as I was a stripper. Geez.