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  • Just because she did a track with him doesn't mean she's hanging with him. It doesn't mean they're a couple. It means they did one track together. And so often, they aren't even in the studio together when that stuff is recorded. But even if they were, it shows that she is mature enough to work through what happened and truly forgive him with an open heart. That's what we're supposed to do when people wrong us. I have all the respect in the world for people who can move past things like that and truly forgive the people who hurt them. It shows courage, maturity and a loving heart. She's not stupid. Forgiving someone is not stupid. Letting them hurt you again is stupid, but I don't think Rihanna is at all stupid. She learned as much as he did from the incident and I don't believe she will ever let another man treat her like that. Ever.
  • Sorry, but it looks like she's wearing makeup to me, and it also looks like a set, NOT a footbridge in Cambodia. Sorry.
  • My favorite Rihanna song is Umbrella, and I'd like to see her in Chicago on 6/15.