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  • Taylor has done an amazing job on his body to play JACOB in NEW MOON, he looks fantastic and is hot ( if your under the age of 20!!!) BUT ROBERT PATTINSON is soooooooooooooo much more handsome!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a real man not a boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Poor Rob , you look so tired in this photo, get some rest!!!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=RomanticFool]Ladies don't argue about who is hotter...Taylor is for the tweens and Rob is for the in-betweens...(teen-moms). Hey Summit----take care of Robert---prime him, double check his appearance, give him tips like not to touch his hair so often in public and in such a feminine manner. His hair looks best off his forehead. Have the make up artist put a highlight line on his nose so it ALWAYS photographs well and looks his most Adonis-like. I am shocked that they did not see what a huge gift they were given when Kristen picked him and he chose to do an unknown (at the time) project. Best wishes that this is not a "once in a blue moon thing". R & K--savor and enjoy this special time---life is short and family/, friends and lovers are the only thing that matter in the "big picture of life" in the end. Thanks for helping so many (including me) feel the joy, passion and angst of young love again. I had forgotten...I am renewed.[/quote] No need to look after Rob or change the way he touches his hair, this is a natural mannerism and if you ask me is very sexy!!!!!!!! Who cares if his nose doesn't always look perfect, we need to remember that EDWARD is just a role that Rob plays , No one is perfect , not even ROB !!!!!!! Although, I must admit he really does have something very special about him, and its not just his looks, he was blessed with a certain kind of charisma
  • He always looks beautiful!
  • FAT? FAT? Anyone who says that Robert Pattinson looks fat in this photo needs to have their eyesight checked!!! if anything he looks rather lean to me!! He looks great, no fat in sight!!!!! A little pale' but he is supposed to be a vampire!!!!!!
  • BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! SEXY!!!!!!!!, HANDSOME!!!!!!! He looks great , can't wait to see NEW MOON!!
  • Taylor is a cutie!!But Robert Pattinson is in another league, he is just beautiful!!!!!!!You can't compare the two, they are both so different, but both are great actors and well done to both of them!!!!!!!
  • I think ,they would be really cute together. they would really suit each other,there is chemistry between them, they look fantastic together,BUT i don't think that they are together YET!!!!!!!!!!!!yet,yet,yet!