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  • Slender and toned Audrina looked just perfect in her white bikini in Cabo! Incredible curves and cleavage. No wonder her bf Corey is always smiling!
  • Audrina Patridge looks great in the TWO pictures! Where is the rest of the photo set? Seems to be a trick of hers lately one or two specially chosen good pictures but nothing else. She looks awesome with some lift and support but would like to see more than just specially selected shots. She looks better than a year ago but not quite up to pre-2011 phenomenal status [img] VH1 Memorial Weekend-340_288.JPG[/img]
  • Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge proves she can look incredible whenever she wants to. Audrina looked fabulous on her PR beach jog. Was it to pre-promote her upcoming Las Vegas appearances? Promote the PUMA work out gear? Or to try and recover from destroying her trademark gorgeous, long, full hair? Those wisps in the front are all that left. The sides are drastically cut! Why in the world did she butcher her gorgeous hair?
  • Was lucky to be at PURE for Audrina's party. Fun event! Good and bad about Audrina's appearance... Good: Audrina looked as fit and toned as I have ever seen her. She has definitely been working out! Little purple dress was cute. Great color, fit her like a glove! Bad: Audrina’s hair is weird now. The stylist for the night did a fantastic job of trying to disguise there is NO hair on the sides of Audrina's head! It's been drastically cut. The stylist used a braid on one side and a back sweep on the other and then pulled hair from the back of her head forward to create the illusion length. Her hair has been cut up to her chin, used to fall on her chest! Good work by the stylist. Not the normal gorgeous, glam, long, hair look from Audrina.
  • Audrina doesn't really "rock" a bikini since she lost her boobs. She more like "slowdances" a bikini. She used to be a rarity, slender but curvy, one of the hottest girls on the beach! Now she's plain and unimpressive. [img][/img]