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  • Bring It On turns 14 next month! Wow! The cheerleading movie was released on August 22, 2000 and it instantly became a phenomenon. Not only was this movie extremely successful at the box office, but it also solidified Kirsten Dunst’s status as a leading lady.

    So, where’s the cast of Bring It On now? You’re about to find out! We did some research to find out what the stars from this film are currently up to. Are they still acting? Did they find a new career? Check out our gallery to see what seven of the movie’s cast members are doing today!

  • Kristen Bell can do it all. She’s a mother, wife, activist, actor, singer and an all-around awesome woman. Now she’s continuing to add to her resume, going behind the camera to create short films for Lipton Iced Tea.

    We were lucky enough to talk to Kristen about her collaboration with Lipton and she told us what it was like to take on this new project. Kristen also talked about her upcoming role in the production of Hair at the Hollywood Bowl, shared her thoughts on her near Peter Pan casting, and revealed her dream co-star! Read through the interview below to get all of that scoop on Kristen! Plus, would she ever record her own album? Find out that answer below!

  • Scream is one of the most memorable movies of the late ’90s. This teen horror film made everyone afraid of ringing phones and staying home alone.

    Big name actors like Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette all starred in this movie. So, where are all of these celebs now? We’re revealing that information in our galley. We’ve picked seven of the main characters from Scream and did some research to find out what they’re up to now! If you’re ready to see what these stars are doing today, click on our gallery!

  • It’s time to check out the funniest celebrity pictures of the week!

    Are you ready to LOL? Good, because this week’s celeb pics are hilarious! Over the past seven days many stars were out and about and were snapped in some very candid photos. We have pictures of Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, and Emma Stone making some extremely silly faces. You can’t miss these shots! If you’re in the mood to laugh, take a look at our gallery! We’ve got 20 photos that you need to see!

  • It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio has been really enjoying his summer so far!

    The Wolf of Wall Street actor was just spotted on Miami Beach looking a little heavier than usual. The unflattering pictures show Leo chilling on the beach, taking off his shirt and smoking an electronic cigarette. It looks like the 39-year-old actor is growing his hair out too! Check out our gallery for all of the latest Leo pics!

  • Here comes the bride, all dressed in a custom creation by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! The fashionable twins designed their first bridal gown for their longtime friend Molly Fishkin.

    Molly, a stylist, married producer/director Asher Levin in Los Angeles last month and the sisters made a custom dress just for her! Lucky lady! Now Fishkin is dishing exclusive details about the wedding to Vogue and sharing private pictures from her special day. Check out our gallery to see the stunning photos from Molly and Asher’s wedding!

  • New couple alert? Us Weekly is reporting that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are dating!

    The pair were spotted holding hands at Wednesday’s ESPY Awards and a source says, “It is totally true. They are hooking up.” This news comes after Christina recently broke off her engagement to fiancé Jas Prince. It looks like she’s already on to the next one!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith part two? Probably not, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be starring in a second movie together. Angelina will also write the film entitled, By the Sea. The couple will be producers on this movie as well.

    Universal Pictures announced that it has acquired the rights to the film, which they are describing as an, “intimate, character-driven drama.” Let’s be honest though, they had us at Angelina and Brad!

  • Zac Efron loves a good adventure. When he’s not showing off his dancing skills, or making out with Michelle Rodriguez in Italy, he’s jumping off cliffs with TV host Bear Grylls!

    A shirtless Zac appears on the premiere episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, a reality show which takes celebrities to remote locations for 48 hours of thrills. Sounds terrifying!

  • Christian Siriano has done it all. He’s won Project Runway, created his own fashion line, and dressed some of the world’s hottest stars. Now Christian’s trying something new, designing a dessert!

    The fashion designer and MAGNUM Ice Cream teamed up to create “America’s Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert.” Christian and James Beard award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini worked together to create a delicious dessert that’s perfect for staying cool this summer. The best part? You can make this treat at home! We had the opportunity to talk with Christian about this new project, plus he dished on all things fashion! Check out the interview below to see who Christian’s dream clients are, plus read what he had to say about his past collaborations with Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Lopez!

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