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  • ABSOLUTELY! Her an Ian would be the perfect choice. I am rooting for those two since Nina doesn't want to be Ana. I have to agree with her that everyone would see them as Elena and Damon. But Lucy and Ian? Perfection!
  • She is pretty as a brunette on the green lantern but I cant see her in this role. She would surprise me if she did accomplish it though.
  • You would know yhst Ian is perfect for this if you are a vampire diaries fan. His acting has the potential for what he can give 50 fans on screen. He is naturally beautiful and has the attitude to fit the role. Definetly a wise choice if they were to cast him as Christian. As far as Anna goes I would love to see Nina D (his real life girlfriend and main girl on vampire diaries) but she is right to say she didn't think it was a good idea and that everyone would be reminded of Damon and Elena on VD. So my vote would be for Lucy Hale as Anna. Her performance on pretty little liars seems that she could pull this off. She can play innocent but she can play naughty too. They are both stunning people.