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  • It's so difficult to choose just one person since the entire cast, Warblers included, is just so amazing and talented. I think I'd have to pick Darren Criss for my glee crush because he's incredibly down to earth and isn't afraid to be himself. He is really talented and has a lovely voice. ...also, he plays the dapper blazer-wearing Blaine Warbler Anderson who makes a certain Kurt Hummel happy and happy Kurt makes me happy. Darren and Chris are able to convey so much emotion in their scenes; they really are wonderful actors.
  • If I were to meet Darren Criss, (assuming I could get past the awkward and giddy and nervous and extremely rushed 'hi, you are super amazing and super talented') I would ask him to get some sleep and ask him if he realized how the internet...exploded during his livestream with Celebuzz because "go vote" can never be heard the same way again.
  • I would bring one of my friends (they can duke it out between themselves, I love them all equally ;D). I'm most excited just for being able to see the cast perform live, but if I must choose, I'd pick Chris Colfer's I Want to Hold Your Hand.
  • Why such a difficult question! Misery :) The boys seemed to have so much fun with it ~