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  • Kim who cares what people say only you know to follow your heart your own words, and if you know your doing the best for you and Kris in the long run without really hurting him or yourself thats good you called it off now no need to explain but just take your time to focus on yourself take a vacation!!!
  • Yea that cake is too cute but both of you and kris look good!
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  • Hello Kim and thanks for this wonderful oppurtunity let me explain why I would be so Thankful for this My name is Jessica Heredia and I am 27 my fiancee is Mitchell Uvalle 30 we met on November 2007 I was going thru a divorce from a horrible four yr marriage and was just not looking for anybody and then I met my neighbor who just moved in next door to my apt Mitchell he slowly charmed me and won my affection by waking up early to see me being nice to my 3 yr old son and I quickly fell for him good nature and we fell in love madly being with each other everyday and I felt safe again like this is the man I would pray for and I became pregnant with our own son fast forward 3 years later we are still not married and I want to just do it right we have made our foundation which is our new house we got two years ago we have our 2 boys but because of bills and living on a fixed income we have no money for extra things especially to get married and eventhough he says we are married but the truth is were not and our oldest asks us "when are you guys gonna get married?" and all we say is soon so this year we have vowed that we need to do by next year and there is no other person I see myself with we have been thru so much good and bad but have managed to hold on and love each other I know this is True Love and would love to finally be married Please consider me!!