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  • Hi Kim and Kloe, Kourtney I know someone that need a room makeover, My wife Mayra Our kids take over [img] (3)-2-340_255.JPG[/img] Our daughters Jasmyn and Elyse [img] (6)-340_255.JPG[/img] Our oldest even too the matters in her own hands she cut the ONLY sheet we own [img] (7)-340_255.JPG[/img] And Kloe my wife and me are from Dallas,TX and we are currently in FT. Bragg,NC I am in the military, and even to were are far from home she still wears her cowgirl boots [img] (2)-340_255.JPG[/img] even to she has a laundry bucket to put her shoes in. Please my girls and I ask you to Please give our mommy and wife a great room make over. thank you ladies
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