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  • Love the look Kourtney, you look so amazing in anything you wear.
  • You two are amazing and beautiful.
  • I love the look Kourtney, you are so beautiful and amazing. I love your show but I hate how SCOTT treats you.
  • Both you girls look very HOT.
  • Hi Khloe, I just want to start by saying hello and thank you. You are a admired by millions and you are a great person. My question to you is with you and Lamar having busy schedules, how you manage to keep your marriage perfect? I really love to watch you on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" I am going love to watch you and Lamar in your new show. Also tell Lamar my wife is the biggest fan besides you of course, and tell him hi. Well keep up the hard work and thank you again for bringing happiness to millions.