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  • There were alot of hype to this episode and in many ways it did live up to the expectations. However there were many moments when I questioned what the writers were doing. I definitely did not appreciate how much screen time was given to Finn. I do not hate Cory, but he isn't the best male actor on the show. He can't carry this show with that much screen time. I did not appreciate how Glee spend a whole segment of the episode only focusing on Finchel and Klaine and then it went to commercial. Yeah that gave them time to develop their story lines, but what is so disrespectful to Brittana. Brittana wasn't focus on as much prior to their breakup so it seemed rushed. That little scene at Breadstix? about the not getting left behind made no sense. It was funny at first, but their it just got weird and Santana's expression during the whole thing matches mine. Only Brittana from that scene made sense. What I also liked is how Brittana is next to each other. I know its not a surprise, but its just really nice to seem them sit together as a couple, outside of school. The first performance is definitely the weakest out of all of them. I feel really bad for Klaine fans. I personally do not ship Klaine, but I know that this couple is really special and for them to end up the way they did tonight because Blaine cheated was very heartbreaking. The "Don't Speak" performance was awkward though. I thought it was too cheesy. I rather Klaine talked more about it rather than even doing this number. Give Your Heart A Break was a really nice performance, but I thought it was weird how Rachel said it works better as a duet, when the original was sung by a solo artist. I wished this episode didn't focus on Jake/Marley/Kitty because clearly the truth is they are the characters viewers focused on the least in this episode. So why even bother? As good as The Scientist was, I didn't like how it cut off so that Finn was the last person. My favorite performance of the night is definitely without a doubt "Mine" by Naya Rivera. As she kept singing you can see the tears, that I had tears in the beginning so imagine what I was like by the end. Brittany's facial expression was also heartbreaking because you can really see how much they love each other. This whole performance and their conversation after and their kiss stole the episode for me. I love them so much. I just have to say that, that girl in the library was very unattractive so if the writers wanted Santana to feel an attraction, they should have picked someone that is attractive! That girl was not. Compared to Brittany? NO WAY. I just want to lastly say that Ryan Murphy said once that Brittana would kiss as much as Finchel would. In this episode, Finchel kissed 4 times, and Brittana kissed twice.Hmm so that's definitely no the same amount. So two reason would be he basically lied to us OR the episode he is talking about was not this one but one in the future!