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  • wtf - who are these 2 duckfaces in every other pic??! yuck
  • I'd love to win bc these pajamas are adorable & practical! Perfect for a busy mom :)
  • [img][/img] (Picture by Brittany Lee photography) I have a husband, but never had a wedding. In true shotgun fashion, we married on the steps of a courthouse in Virginia, during his lunch break, where he was stationed while I was 6 months pregnant; promising we would have a "real" wedding after the baby was born. Unbeknownst to us, our daughter would be born with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a debilitating and devastating condition marked by epilepsy and tumor growth throughout all major organs. When my daughter's health began to stabilize, we started again to plan a ceremony; only to learn I was pregnant again, then that my daughter needed brain surgery, and then the stress of it all put me into preterm labor with baby #2. My son was born with a different genetic anomaly, Chromosome 22 Syndrome (22Q). Life happened quickly, and hit hard, without leaving any room in the budget for a wedding. Each year we say “Next year! We’ll really do it next year!” Now that my husband is going to be stationed somewhere new at the end of summer 2012, it has put a new urgency on bringing my family together for something to celebrate before we move. I would love to have my father walk me down an aisle, where my husband and I could renew our vows in the wedding we never had, and show how much love we still have for each other despite the great obstacles we have faced in our short time together.