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  • P.S, I'm not in any way saying this outfit is a mistake. I think it's super hot and she rocks it.
  • Dear worried parents, I've been a fan of Miley since 2006, when I was 10 years old. I've supported her through all of her mistakes and changes, and I love her to death. I'm 16 now (just in case your math is so bad you couldn't figure that out), and I don't dress like her, I've never smoked a bong, and I haven't taken pictures in my underwear. Miley didn't raise me, my parents did. Miley just taught me extra little things. I think all of you need to realise that your children won't copy everything she does just because she's Miley Cyrus, they'll be influenced by what YOU teach them. And Miley's a good person; she has a tattoo for gay rights, she released a song supporting Occupy Wall Street, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. People like you only tend to see the bad things that she's done, not the good. Open your eyes, please, and stop being so rude. Many thanks.