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  • You are an idiot! Because the children want a dog, they should have one!! Has he shown them what he did? Has he shown them the damage he did to other people because of his actions. Anybody can act remorseful.. Actions speak louder than words and "volunteering" at animal shelters is pathetic at best. I hope to "the powers that be" that he is monitored 24/7. Your claim to being a military man is disgraceful, I come from a very long line of Military, mother, father and husband and not one would agree/behave that way or accept that crap!. When a dog goes feral, because of the actions of humans, the killing is a sad fate, but often necessary at the time. Never mistake the "fate" of the dog as anything other than the failing of the human who failed them. Eating it is completely different than abusing it for entertainment. Take your child/wife/husband out, have them watch you let/encourage the animals fight.. Because it's good money, entertainment.... Then take them out and have them kill a cow just as brutally, so you can have your steak. But you would have to be the aggressor.. Tell me then how it is okay.. " But..he did his time"
  • You are such an idiot! It boggles my mind at the extent of your stupidity. Decent hunting and dogfighting are not even on the same level of humanity. I know decent people who hunt, and yes , sadly, they enjoy it, but it feeds their families and the animals do not suffer. It defies comprehension that you-a human being- does not see the difference. Did this pathetic excuse for a "man" /human" (and I use the term very loosely) tell his children why... Have they seen the pictures or the horror he caused. Maybe if he did that, they would think twice. Once an abuser, always an abuser! Just because they have stopped the indecency doesn't mean they have changed. Ask any alcoholic, wife beater, husband abuser, pedophile, druggie etc. And "He did his time" is the weakest excuse anyone could use. It is a cowards way of taking the easy way out. Ask parents who lost a child, a child who lost their parents, ASK A PERSON WHO LOST THEIR PET/ COMPANION/FRIEND/ to this or any other kind of horror. You are very obviously disturbed. You either have no morals, or are a very sick minded person who hopefully does not have either pets or children.