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  • my favorite songs in 1d is====== little things cauz it mades by ed sheeran and it's like a lonely but it's beautiful to hear that song in my cellphone ,and i remember everything on my life when i'm listening or watching on that music video. at the philippines we have music video voting , i keep trying to vote but i can't cauz i have no account on that website and i watching on my tv, waiting to see the little things music video in "Daily top ten" i'm happy when the little things music video will always the top 1 in "Daily top ten" . at the philippines i bought a magazine mades by filipinos i see the directioners wanted to see the real one direction they are just trying to see the real 1d and they are making they 're own 1directioners code name group called "" JUAN DIRECTION""" and i wnated to join a group but i don't know how to join that group so . one direction is the no.1 band in the philippines