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  • [quote=shawntarynla]Torez is right. Rob is dating a girl now, Brazilian, LA based model, Anne Schoenberger. He is really private about his love life but someone managed to snap this picture of them at the KoL concert: 062dy1.jpg There is also photos of she and Rob on her private myspace page: ion=user.viewprofile&friendid=188782088 Im a little sad hes taken, I wish I could date Rob! lol But Im happy if hes happy, she looks like a cool girl and I hear shes in a band =)"[/quote] What are the photos like on Myspace?
  • There's one at the Kings of Leon concert but she may just be a friend of the group he hangs out with.
  • The eyes are amazing. He really knows how to hook you in.
  • Lucky people who are seeing him in Austin tonight. I hope people ask him sensible questions and nto the rubbish they asked at Comic Con.
  • I love the new profile for Rob. Thanks. Better close the old poll.
  • Rob can bite me like that any time he wants.