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  • So let me get this straight, someone can make a plethera of poor decisions (having the children when she could not possibly afford it was just one), then prance them around public television to make money (at no point has she demonstrated any noticeable lesson that we all could have learned from her experience that any person with half a brain would have known to begin with) then she goes into stripping, then putting out a porn for all the world (including her children, who we can only hope get some serious counseling as they grow up so they are not half as messed up as she is) but we are suppose to play nice and not talk about the obvious stupidity of what she is doing because, in her benevolence, she did not live off the state? Dont you think you are setting the standard a LITTLE bit low.... Now, I was raised to not insult a ladies appearance, Lord knows I am not perfect, nor would I be as crass as some people are being here, but lets not pretend that she did not know what she was getting into and they she did not invite this upon herself. She knew these pictures would be out, she knew what people would think... AND say. and in the end, I dont care how 'awesome' she looks 'after having 8 kids', she has better things to be doing than to invite more shame and misery on EIGHT children.... They will already be branded "the octo-kids' for the rest of their life (and it is not because she had 8 children, there are people who have many children, but because of her incredibly poor choices she made as their mother). She deserves a WHOLE lot worst than what she is getting and my heart breaks for the issues that her kids are almost guaranteed to have growing up. The looks of innocence on a child's face is precious, and she will be responsible for destroying that part of her children because of the actions she has taken. I pray that it stops here.....