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  • ITS NICK JONAS. Before Bieber, it was the Disney Stars, and from what I know, it was mainly the Jonas Brothers. Girls were going crazy for Nick. (I was one of them) He's super adorable+cute. And hes been writing most of the Jonas Brothers songs, and every song was well-liked. He is VERY talented, and i dont know why hes being compared to Justin. -__________- Anyways, i PiCK NiCK JONAS ♥
  • [quote=bieberfever]i like justin better because nick is really fake and justin acts like himself all the time and nick just acts shy so justin all the way and plus justin is way cuter than any of the jo bros![/quote] Nick isn't fake. Justin is acting like everybody likes him. Nick is probably shy, but atleast he has guts to go sing onstage infront of all his fans. And Justin isnt cuter than the Jonas Brothers.
  • [quote=2coole2benice] Nick can do all of that and more have u ever seen nick preform he keeps ppl interested justin just dance around looking like a girl flopping his hair in the wind[/quote] So true^
  • [quote=karina]justin's lyrics are waaayyyy better. no competition against that ![/quote] Nick writes his own songs and they are much better than the ones justin sing.
  • [quote=2cool2benice] Justin had only one freaking song that anyone ever cared about and that was Nick was on Broadways he IMPORTANT justin is just a fagot with a perm[/quote] AGREE^
  • Ok this question is ridiculous. Of Course Nick Jonas. He's much more talented + cuter than Justin. Im not saying that I dont like Justin, but he seems a little c*cky. Hes OKAY looking, and has talent, but not as much talent as Nick does. Team Nick all the wayy :D