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  • are 1 year and 5 months of pure joy and smiles that you brought me. justin, you changed me, you appeared at the time I was feeling a nobody in this world and you somehow took my hand and told me I would never give up, today I have many dreams, and with the certainty that one day I will perform all and this is all thanks to you, I can only thank you justin, thank you, thank you thank you .. for you have changed my life in an amazing and surprising way, thanks for all you have done until now, thanks for you every day with your smile that make me happy! Justin, you're perfect, you help so many people, and is simply incredible, more finally, the amazing thing is that you help so many people, and will bring me more pride and makes me more and more willing to be your fan, and if God want, I'll be with you till the end of your susseso, I'm your fan des that I heard your first song and I will continue until the last song! staff says I'm crazy, I do many crazy things and stuff, but I may be crazy, I'm more mad about the one I love, love without madness is not love .. You're an angel to me, you have a voice of an angel, a smile of an angel, an angel face, to me you are definitely an angel, my angel, you're perfect for me, the people most significant and special and wonderful I have ever seen in this world! Justin Bieber I was born to tell you That I love you. I feel for you, no words ..