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  • There is a big difference between fit and just too damn skinny! I like women to be ether curvy (what a lot of gay fashion designers would call fat) or tone, slim with muscular definition.. I think the reason models are being told they must be skinny to the point of being unhealthy is because to many of the designers want to work with young boy like women. Sorry XXY males women are meant to have body fat so curves are GOOD! Nothing makes my skin crawl more than to see a woman with big breasts and her ribs showing, that screams "I have had a Boob Job". Fake breasts are the worst, if you want big breasts EAT SOME FOOD! Don't go under the knife. I admit it I LOVE WOMEN! I do love women but since I love God first and more I keep my hands on only one woman my wife. I only clicked this post was to voice my opinion that American Female Models need to stop listening to men who don't like women and start listening to us guys who do.