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  • The executives apparently aren't blaming the host or the judges for the TV ratings, if they can’t figure that out, then they shouldn't be executive producers in the first place? Apparently the solution is very sample, if the executive producers would only read and respond the public complaints, the judges and the format of show, then the solution would be resolved, but apparently the executive producers are out of reach with the public so the problem will never be resolved, and the low TV ratings will continue?
  • The only comment Ben has stated to the media is that when he was with Jlo that was the darkest year of my life, not that there still friends, that why she hates Ben to his day?
  • He's going broke with his current name, he thinking by changing his name back will enhance his career?
  • Now we really know why JLo tried so hard to get back on Idol, so she can promote her career? She's care less about the show and the ratings, she getting free publicity and she getting paid?
  • If funny how JLo and her management team has come out with this headliner which will probably never happen 2 years from now, when she was actually just trying to over shadow the real damaging headlines that came out this week that “American Idol’ Hits Lowest Demo Rating Ever, Smallest Audience Since 2002”. She has had 3 failed seasons with Idol with the worst TV ratings in the Idol history?
  • Let’s see how long she last with this person? Then she due the same thing like with her last partners, she'll want the public to feel sorry for her and put on a big show how sad she feel, that her heart is broken, and she has nothing else to live for, who care about your social life, don’t try to convince us that you have glamorous life with your partner, don’t try to make your life public, we don’t care what you do with your life,?
  • Wonder how much it cost Adam buy this front page title, it is well know that you have to pay for front page coverage for People magazine, according to sources in the industry this has been the practices of these tabloids magazine for decades, there out for money, there not going to advertise anyone for nothing, it just another source where celebrities can advertised themselves to the industry and public, it take money to make money is the old saying?
  • Were sure her dictators friends from Eastern European Counties already have one, they should, they already have paid her 10 million for her performances the last couple of years, maybe they will used these dolls to teach their children how to murder incident children’s which there fathers do on a daily basis ?