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  • So who won?! Please say all 9 of us! \o/ Yeah do it! ;D
  • Sorry I don't have a sob story other than the fact that I'm at a cross roads in my life and have to choose to go back to school for a graduate degree because I was unable to find a job with my bachelors degree in aerospace engineering. I really could use the new furniture to help and inspire me with my new life path and rid me of all the negativity that my current furniture carries from the horrendous experience I had going through my undergrad and not being able to find a job afterwards. I def need a new start. And I will defiantly be donating my current furniture, with its 90's loom gloom feel, to the salvation army if I do win the contest. Thanks for the consideration :) Positive outcomes only! With Loves + XOXO, Jonathan
  • One of my favorite moments from GG was when Reyna joined the cast, a beautiful strong black woman. And I loved when she became the second woman who the infamous Chuck Bass fell for :) And now I'm sad she left :(