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  • My favorite VMA moment was one of the first I ever experienced, which was Britney Spears performing Oops I did it again back in 2000! I was 9 yrs. old and just remembered thinking how incredible she looked and danced! It was love at first striptease! Haha! I started listening to her music in 2000, and fast forward to today, she's been my favorite artist ever since. I still watch that performance on youtube! What can I say, I was 9 and thought her performance was insane and magical! I was amazed by it! I know that's totally lame, but I was! : ) Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck everyone! : )
  • SO excited! Thanks SO much for the opportunity! : )
  • SO excited! Thanks SO much for the opportunity! : )
  • My absolute favorite song from Taylor is "All Too Well"! I adore it and it truly has to be one of her best, "like ever"! Haha! And my favorite Gaga song is the brilliant and classic "Bad Romance". "Rah rah..."! Haha! Thanks so much! : )
  • The legendary Miss Britney Spears has been my dream Valentine for 13 yrs now! I absolutely love and adore her to the moon and back! I would love a bottle of Couture La La or Fantasy Twist, but of course I would be thrilled to win any of those yummy perfumes! THANKS so much for the opportunity! Good luck everyone! : )
  • My all time favorite song from M5 would have to be "How". It's from their Hands All Over album and Adam's voice just soars on it. Bravo and thanks for the giveaway! : )