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  • Whatever... you cheated with a married man as well as you were married. You should have "anxiety and stress" as that's Karma biting you in the butt my friend. Sucks having to think if he did that with his ex that he might do it to you huh? How about this...how you made your ex-husband feel as well as your cheating husband's ex-wife. You both deserve this misery. Us who suffer from an eating disorder don't do the selfish things you have... as it's all about you ...cheap feel sorry for me blah blah blah song. Get over yourself & think about the others that you have effected. Including the kids involved. You are ugly inside and out and you know it. Karma is a bad thing eh? I only hope ugly things follow you everyday you wake up and have to look in the mirror. Kind of how you made others feel in the past and what was wrong with them to have the things that you caused happen to them. You are an awful person and so is your husband.