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  • Anyone that uses rape as joke material in ANY way has absolutely no regard the severity of this subject and the damage it inflicts on others for not just days, but numerous years later... Any comedian that comes to his defense is only adding fuel to the fire on a subject that has devastating affects on people and their family and they should be ashamed for backing someone that obviously has NO regard for this subject... There is NOTHING funny about rape and to say "wouldn't it be funny"... IT WOULDN"T.... If someone has an issue with being heckled they need to grow thick skin. Heckling happens and he is a comedian and needs to get over it. If he doesn't like it or can't handle it he needs to go into a different profession but above all that woman did not deseserve that. What if that woman HAD been raped previously?!?! I will NEVER watch this comedian and will encourage others to do the same...