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  • Beautiful? Yes! Twisted and mentally challenged? Yes,Yes, Yes!!! She has reformed her bad habits she says, but anyone who has "allegedly" done soooooo many odd, over-the-top "stunts", from heroin to cutting herself and apparently others, must still have a screw loose still - somewhere. Just hope it is nothing she involves the children in!
  • Pretty twisted...the girlfriend needs mental help and I hope his father dropped her fast or better yet, reported it to the authoritiesss! That is rape anyway you look at it!
  • She's hard to figure out. Could be true...trying so hard to keep the good girl image. But after John Mayer's comments...I'd have to wonder where she learned all her tricks!
  • What a lovely story! I really don't care though! LOL!
  • There aren't many people left with values like that. It would seem especially hard for such a gorgeous woman to turn away (I have to assume) MANY "invitations"!
  • Lisa Kudrow - 32????? - that's pretty hard to believe. If it's true - good for her! But sounds highly unlikely, especially in Hollywood!