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  • Yes I feel like the sun came for 2 days and left. It has never rained so much in NYC like it has this year. I wonder will we ever get a real break this year. I mean the weather has been so unfair to Nyers this year. Nothing but rain almost all year. it's beginning to look like london already. Please god no !
  • I actually like Kourtney's look better. Because it was 75 degrees yesterday in NYC. As you could tell people were wearing Blazers,Blouses,T-shirts. The weather in NY Could be nuts. So kim looked a little to bundle up with that pancho. Today it's 84 degrees in NYC. is kim going to wear a sweater dress ?
  • I love the way he says they're stuck in nyc btw. I'm from chicago. But who is making them stay there in ny? lots of people would love to be in Nyc. who wants to be in minnesota you attention wh**re.
  • oh Please Kim is so high maintence. she could easily get an apartment in Ny. She whines how she misses LA all the time . Imagine living in Colder and boring Minnesota . she won't even survive. Kris will most likely go to La Clippers. I really dont see this lasting more than a couple of years.