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  • We don't know John hunted for revenge that was Sam's version. John found his wife bleeding out in his son's nursery. If it had been me I would of started hunting to protect my children and revenge for dead spouse would just be a happy by product.
  • Sam once again gets his way and doesn 't aplogize for anything The crap that he thought she could be dead was just that crap. It was an attempt to play on Dean's emotions and guilt.
  • Right that' why I see sig lines that Dean lives/breathes/etc for Sam alone but nothing similiar about Sam living for Dean. There are Sam fans who are like Dean fans and then there are Sam girls. Fans are normal who accept Sam or whoever faults and all and then there are the girls who worship saint Sam who can do no wrong, all the other characters live only for him and anyone who even sounds like they dare suggest anything else are violently and rudely flamed. I posted Dean had dropped Sam off honoring his deal with Sam so perhaps the posters suggestion that Dean forced Sam into hunting was met with the most vicious & snide attack. As for Cas yeah great relationship that Sam help destroy by seeding upset. His looking so guilty that Dean had to ask then bad mouthing despite evidence of the contrary that Cas was a traitor. Of course he was betraying Dean and Bobby died so once again Dean's friends kick him except when Sam does it no matter what Dean always forgives.hr apocalypse sure no prob. But have Dean take out a monster who murdered 5 men regardless of their beiing the scum of the earth and Dean is satan himself. Doesn't matter Sam met her once for about an hour 15 years ago and she'd of killed mom regardless of who mom was threatening.
  • What is wrong with you people?! Sam can have a relationship with someone other then Dean this year it's Amelia but god forbid Dean have anybody in his life other then Sam and you're outraged!? Get over it. If Sam can have a friend so can Dean.
  • She's not even a good role model. I?f I were her mom instead of gushing her Playboy shoot I'd have her committed. The girl needs serious mental health help!