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  • There comes a time when behavior such as this needs to stop being so easyily viewed by children.She has proven she's trash and will just keep being trashier. I could care less about how she gets to hell but I have children who not only see her trash on FB but just as vulgar are the comments made to and at her of which mainly are sexually related. All I hear is about her right to be a adult which also is sad children feel because your an adult this is ok. She needs to at least be only viewed as the adult she wants to be known as on the adult channels. After all other porn stars are there but she doesn't feel like if it were adults watching her she would get quiet the attention
  • And though Daddy supports this because to keep the women in his life he has to drop to their level because we all know he's had trouble keeping wife and daughter happy, I wonder if he had the oppurtunity he would take mom and dad to this same show and set them front row.
  • Parents we need to stand up for our kids and demand a change.MTV knew young girls and boys would be watching VMA awards because of selena,one direction,austin mahone and Taylor swift so the very least they could have done if porn is what they needed was to put her on last and gave a warning to parents. Really even you Miley's porn show supporters can't have a problem with that
  • People make me sick and I bet you supporters of the little slut are the same ones whom have humiliated the girl at school for doing less. No matter what anyone says our kids do matter and its time we parents show celebrities they don't own the world and they can't do as they please in front of off kids. If Miley' of others want to put on such shows go to the adult channels. Those if us who care about what our kids see and how it so easy available need to demand it have a proper rating and not be able to be seen by kids,or do you supporters have a problem with that also And for those whom say kids should not have been watching the VMAS,my children had every right to watch it and they watched it for the other entertainers not her and MTV knew young girls would watch for these celebrities not her .they should have put her on last and gave parents a warning before her act ,really you can't disagree with that and if you do then you just like watching this nation go to hell