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  • The perfect picture to go with her morals...she's pretty for a skank.
  • HORRIBLE shoes and whoever the moron is that got the assignment to find celebrities with cankles is a MORON!
  • Close to cankles but still no.
  • ...I'm speechless...
  • Even if she had cankles, no one would notice with those thighs!
  • Not even close to cankles! BUT I am digging the shoes!
  • Maybe she has potential for cankles if she gains 100 pounds!
  • Do these people even know what a cankle is?
  • There are some fashion trends that should not be followed girlfriend! Her friends must hate her if no one tells her how horrible she looks. Then again, it does make them look better, LOL!
  • I don't want to know what is going on further north...yikes!!!