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  • Sorry my picture did not show up, I don't know why. Let me try again..Well it's not working, so I'll just explain. It's a white-offwhite top with ugly pillows & a hideous design on the bed spread! Please e-mail if you would like to see the pic..
  • My mom REALLY deserves a new bedding set. As you can see, her is plain, dull, and boring- the total opposite of her personality. My mom is always happy even when people try to bring her down. Also, she works her butt off keeping up with 3 kids and a husband, and sometimes, it's 4 or 5 kids. My dad works in Washington while we live in Texas, so my mom is always doing twice the work. My mom once was a nurse, and let me tell you, she loved it! But, she did what she knew was best and quit being a nurse so she could watch over us kids. All the time she says," I'm going to start working again." But the fact is, we're stopping it from happening. My mom is always doing things for us, taking us places we have to be, feeding us, giving us the essentials we need to live, and loving us. When my mom finally ends her day, she ends it in a not so comfy and not so relaxing room. Is this right? Is someone who gives SO MUCH supposed to end their day in such a horrible way? My mom needs to enjoy her room and make it where she can be herself and express herself. It's HER room and it needs to be a place she looks for to being. In life people give so much- like my mother. Why is it that those who give so much never really receive anything back? She doesn't expect anything back, she does things because she loves us and others, but for once I want her to feel special, to feel loved, and to know that everyone appreciates her and all she does!