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  • Thank you for all your sweet words and feelings sweetheart. I know this isn't the end of the world but it sure would have been awesome to have such a beautiful wedding with all that goes along with this package but I am perfectly happy with spending the rest of my life with you no matter how our wedding is designed. I love you and and don't deserve the love you have for me and show me. But I sure do love every bit of it and you !!!! ALL MY LOVE BABY !!! Karolee
  • John Christopher... even if we don't win this gift from Kim Kardashian.... your words are the best gift we could ever have gotten. I love you my son !! <3<3<3 Love always, Mom & Rob
  • OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and LOSE THE EXTENSIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are TERRIBLE and make you look like you should be dancing in a strip bar not singing on a stage in front of millions of impressionable teen fans !!!!!!!!!!!
  • OK we get it, Miley is getting older .... now dress her like a lady and she will be awesome !!! Sheesh Playmates wear more than she does on stage in their photos !!!! Where the heck are her parents!?!!?!?!
  • Brad Pitt is a LOSER and Angelina is a homewrecker and a HORRIBLE MOTHER !!!!!!!!! THOSE POOR CHILDREN WITH A PSYCHO LIKE HER !!!
  • [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/15/me n rob red ellen made-340_347.jpg[/img] We met when I was 12 1984, he only kissed me (stole my heart). Constant moving, on my family’s part, we didn’t cross paths until April of 2011. I was feeling a little down and I posted something on face book and he sent me a rose. I thanked him and told him it meant a lot. He proceeded to invite me over (as a friend); I visited him the next day. Immediately the sparks flew and out hearts knew we couldn’t be without each other. 3 days later, he asked me not to leave any more; to stay “home”. We are two peas in a pod! <3. We are equally loved by each others children, grandchildren, and families. In fact, they say they have NEVER seen either of us THIS HAPPY. We both are disabled. I worked until I “literally’ broke my back (’06-’07) and he had a horrible motorcycle accident (2008) as well as losing his mother (his hero) in 2007. We want each other to have the wedding we have always dreamed of and he is soooo worth everything I could possibly give to him. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves and give 110% to each other and everyone else. I have never asked for anyone to help me with a wedding but this is for the rest of our life and we really want this to be a time to cherish as we do each other. Please help us have our dream wedding in the spring of 2012 !! Thank you in advance!! Karolee and Robert [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/15/smiling at my baby-340_255.jpg[/img]