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  • My ideal of a Valentine Date is, sunset at the beach walking to a blanket, seeing roses pedals shape into a heart around it and on it with two roses and medium size box candy and four mini glass candle holders with candles lighting and just sit there and look up at the stars and the moon shining on the rivier or the lake and then look into your lovers eyes and just kiss.
  • [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/09/Kardashian E card-1-340_190.jpg[/img] Valentine E Card Kardashians Sisters
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  • Hi my name is Katherine, me and my fiance been together for 3 years and counting, we been going through alot of hard times with each other, cause we have different hours and days of jobs we do, and we hardly get to see each other, and plus on top of that, I'm planning the wedding that I always wanted, but nothing ani't going as plan, cause one minute I will have the dress I want or the venue or food or etc, then they run out of it, so right now I'm doing my own create own wedding and it harder then it looks cause I didn't realize that the more money I spend the more I need to pay my bills and buy other things, so basicly all I'm asking is for a helping hand, I always wanted a wedding like yours but I know I can never have nothing like that. So about my fiance he is a sweet, tall, smart, loveable, athletic, very outgoing and always know how to make me smile, yah we do go through alot of agruing with each other but we are always there for each other, and he always trying to make more money to have the wedding that I always wanted, so I hope you pick me, cause this will make me and my fiance the happiest couple in the world and oh yah, we still trying to set a wedding date for the wedding and still having the day off to have that date, so thank you againg and hope that we can make our dreams come true... Yours Always Katherine & Aarron...