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  • I think Kim is indeed a beautiful woman, even without the makeup, but: why, and im asking seriously. why is she famous? what has she done to become famous? was it the sex tape?
  • what the hell is wrong with you? "betraying your race"?! everyone one of us is mixed race in one way or another - even you you ugly mofo! now shut the fuck up
  • and "CC" why are you incognito huh? thats what i love: people who slag everyone off and dont even have the guts to show their face! sad idiot!
  • look only coz u probably got abused and mistreated in your sad little life - dont let it out on lil babies, it wont help you. Get some treatment!
  • what the world needs is someone who beats the **** out of you
  • @CC you are such a sad bastard with clearly no life as you feel the need to pick on a cute lil baby. He is one the cutest babies i've ever seen, though i think black babies are the cutest anyway...and im white...