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  • nothing personal Scott your handsome and all and have a handsome son but i hope she looks like Kourtney
  • As small as she wants it and her tits can get as large as they want to. Its her body. don't like it stop fucking looking at her pictures. Come on guys even jim carrey gets surgery done and god knows what else why does it always have to be the ladies who get made fun of for getting surgery done to make them selves look beautiful. leave them alone its the 21 century and we all know everyone has had some kind of work done.
  • She looks so tired in this picture. Girl go get some much needed rest and dont work your self so hard. your young and have the rest of your life to work
  • Dm just shut up already. an average person cant hang onto a relationship for more then 2 months let alone a marriage. the world these days makes it seem like a divorce is bad if its less then a year. They got out before it was to late and should be praised because they knew that they wernt right for each other. The whole wedding on tv might have been for money but shit i know i would have had my wedding televised if i could so that everything was paid for. that way you get everything you ever dreamed about. Now if you dont like the kardashians then stop reading information about them and commenting about them. if we shouldnt support them then why the hell are you?
  • it looks like she has toilet paper stuck the back of her skirt.Sorry trying to love the shirt but cant. Both look very happy though
  • its actually cute but i don't think it is something she would normally wear. But everyone is aloud to try new things that's how trends start after all.
  • This has got to be the best i have seen Brit in a long time. no make up no bull shit going on in the picture. Just Brit being herself and its beautiful. she is beautiful