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  • Amber Huntsman - That would be true...if i was a belieber? sure i enjoy his music and ive read his books, but thats because i'm interested. Peed in a bucket? Have you not seen Scott Disick pee in a mop bucket ON kim and kourtney take new york? He had no stick for it at all, i just dont see why people have to make bullshit stories up! btw do you have the actual proof he's ''banged multiple hookers''...no? okay then
  • this is the biggest peice of bullshit ive ever read, read his tweets, his books, his everything, this is a teenage boy with a brain and a hell of alot of respect for people around him, Hes just got back from being in the fucking philipines helping children who are still suffering, what have you done? jack shit and instead made up aload of bullcrap about a boy who is changing lives.