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  • Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with Celebuzz.

    Well, kids, we’ve made it to the final week of performances… It seems like just yesterday we were watching Usher refer to Nashville as a state, gasping at the elimination heard round the world (IE: Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons) and being charmed by Shakira as she consulted her country dictionary. I’ve enjoyed talking The Voice with you every week, but all good things must come to an end. Let’s have a dirty martini and chat about last night’s episode.

    The Team That Squats Together Stays Together. Michelle Chamuel and Usher seemed to have formed a really authentic bond this season. This was evident during Usher’s adorable dinner with Michelle’s family. Who didn’t shed a tear when her mom talked about coming to the US as a refugee? Or when Usher said “I see in our future many more dinners like this?” Just when you thought you couldn’t feel more, they came out and performed “One” together, and hearts exploded. This was by far my favorite moment of the season. Forget The Voice. I’d love to watch “The Usher & Michelle Show,” thanks.

    Facial Hair Alert. Adam Levine’s facial hair is growing rapidly, so this alert is now at Code Orange. Is he going on a shaving strike to protest the loss of his final contestants? Who knows, but if Adam pulls a full on ZZ Top (or Code Red) in the next 6 months, that’s on YOU America!

    Hitting 2 Eagles With One Swon. Team Blake is all about consistency this season. He found a successful niche for his contestants and stuck with it. That’s why it makes sense for The Swon Brothers to cover another Eagles song (it went pretty well the first time – why not try it again?). The falsetto was nice, and the harmonies were solid. I would have liked to hear Baby Swon have his own moment, but Elder Swon did a fine job. I’m always game for another Swoncert.

    Glowing BS. I tried to enjoy Blake Shelton and Danielle Bradbery’s rendition of “Timber, I’m Falling in Love,” but all I could see was the glowing neon “BS” plastered across the stage. That’s kind of appropriate considering the source of those initials, eh? I kid, I kid!

    Annie Lennox + Michelle Chamuel = Gold. The minute Usher announced “Why” as Michelle’s song choice, I was fist pumping. Yes, it was more laidback than her usual fare. Yes, Annie Lennox is the shit and therefore kinda of sacred ground, but I knew it would be good. The song sounded fantastic on Michelle’s voice and fit her vibe beautifully. Plus – SPECIAL EFFECTS!

    Déjà vu. A new addition to finale week was Encore performances (IE: contestants recreating their breakout moments). This seems like a smart idea in theory, but when some of these songs are only a week or two old, it feels a little too soon to be rehashing the good old days. See my previous blogs for thoughts on these songs (we’ve already been there, done that).

    Meet the Family.  I think NBC should try out a new weekly show called “Awkward Family Bonding with Blake,” because those moments with his final contestant’s families were deliciously awkward. Maybe it could premiere the same night as “The Usher and Michelle Show.”

    Let Me Go Home. “Home” was in high rotation on KCRW during my pre-season-2-Voice commute. Every time that song came on, I felt instantly better, so I was happy to hear it tonight. While nothing touches the original, this was an appropriate song for a Top 16 reunion. Plus, Baby Swon finally got a solo. Yeehaw!

    Is the Deck Stacked? Was anyone else taken aback by the song order tonight? Based on the iTunes charts, Facebook comments and general love, I get that Danielle’s the favorite to win, but giving her two spots in the last 3 performances of the evening felt a bit icky. If she’s going to win, let’s make sure it’s based solely on her performances, which are good enough not to require any special positioning via producers.

    Country Cage Dancing. That about sums up the duet between Blake and The Swon Brothers – country cage dancing to an awkwardly constructed song about celebrity. It’s a good thing I like cage dancing.

    Best Team Spirit. Shakira didn’t have any horses left in this race, yet she showed the most team spirit of anyone tonight – waving a “Go Okies” flag for The Swon Brothers, wearing Team Michelle glasses and donning a cowboy hat for Danielle. These displays were quirky and sweet (much like Shakira),

    Born to Fly. Like Adam said to Danielle after her performance of “Born to Fly”– “your perfection is almost boring me at this point. What else can I possibly say?” I concur.

    Season 5 Shakeup. I was initially hesitant about the changeup of coaches this season, but I’ve really enjoyed Shakira and Usher, and I’m sad to see them rotate out next season. How will we go on without Shakira’s wackadoodle references or Usher’s unconventional coaching methods??

    Thanks for letting me bend your ear about this season of The Voice. I’ll be watching the finale live tomorrow night with the hot folks from After Buzz TV – if you’re in the LA area, come join us! Tickets are available here

    Also, keep an eye out for my single “In and Out of the Dark” August 13th and my album in September 2013. For more updates, follow me on Twitter: @katrinapmusic and visit my website, www.katrinaparker.com. Until next season, xoxo.

  • Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with Celebuzz.

    Okay, a LOT went down on The Voice this week, so let’s just cut to the chase. Five contestants, ten performances, one night – GO.

    Don’t Be Sad, Amber. OK, scratch that. Be sad, because melancholy Amber Carrington is the BEST. “Sad” was one of my favorite moments last night. It was emotive, restrained where it needed to be and pretty flawless vocally (reminiscent of “Stay” earlier this season). THIS is where Amber really shines – songs where she can showcase both her emotional range and all the different parts of her voice (including that gorgeous falsetto). Forget country – I want to hear Amber on pop radio.

    Facial Hair Alert. Adam Levine was sporting a bit of facial hair, you guys. I like it, but I don’t know how far I want it to go. I’d call this threat level yellow. We’ll see if he goes threat level red (or full on ZZ Top) by the end of the season. Fingers crossed! Just kidding. Uncross!

    Swon Surprise.The Swon Brothers were a pleasant surprise this week. I haven’t exactly been head over heels for them so far, but I thought they were really compelling last night. Everything was strong – the song choices, solid lead vocals via Elder Swon, solid harmonies via Baby Swon and authentic performances that would have been right at home on the CMAs stage. I was especially enamored with “Danny’s Song” which inspired an Anne Murray shoutout from Blake Shelton! I call this a SWIN-SWIN.

    AMAZEBALLS. Usher said it like it was a real word. Then Adam Levine jokingly repeated it. Then The Voice tweeted it. Guys – let’s try NOT to make this word happen again. Just let it die. For the children.

    Bad Girls Do it Better. “Bad Girls” was a nice choice for Sasha Allen this week. It was fun, flirty and bold without being too bold (yes, even the neon sign worked for me), giving Sasha another chance to show off her voice AND her ability to move onstage. Plus? Disco Balls!

    More Adorable Please. There are two things that will make this show better – more grandmas and more dogs. We got both in The Swon Brothers home visit. First, we were introduced to Nanny Swon who called the experience of seeing them onstage “awesome” (squee!). Then we saw a yorkie, so I paused it, rewound it and paused it again. I love dogs. I love grandmas. This is my kind of party!

    We Love You, Michelle. Adam said it. Usher said it. I’ve said it, but it bears repeating – I LOVE Michelle Chamuel. Last night was no exception. “Clarity” didn’t rock my world, but “Time After Time” was a quintessential Michelle moment – full of vocal dynamics, intense sincerity, dramatic fist pumps and exploding clocks. If Michelle is not in the Top 3 tonight, I’ll probably break some clocks myself.

    What is this, a BBQ? Blake Shelton – That jean jacket was confused about where you were scheduled to be last night.  Were you going to a BBQ or starring on a hit TV show? Why don’t you give it a copy of your itinerary next time?

    Pass the Tissues. The home visits were all sweet, but the most touching moment (for me) was between Sasha Allen and her daughter who was genuinely surprised to see mom show up unannounced. It warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

    The Katy Perry Curse is Confused. When Katy Perry cautioned Amber Carrington about the challenges of singing “Firework” in her good luck video, I gasped. Then Adam mentioned Katy’s additional words of warning (whoa!). Y’all, even Katy Perry knows about the Katy Perry Curse now. Does this mean the curse is imploding, thereby becoming null and void?? We can only wait and see.

    Are You There, God? It’s Me, The Voice. Did someone forget to unplug the fog machine for Sasha Allen’s performance of “I Will Always Love You?”  Between the all-white wardrobe, London fog and wind machine everyone looked like they were starring in a Lifetime film tentatively titled “All Soul Singers Go To Heaven.”

    The Power of 80’s/90’s Country. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to give Blake Shelton credit for making smart song choices this season. Reintroducing 80’s and 90’s country hits to America via his contestants is a brilliant strategy. It works especially well for Danielle Bradbery, who can sing the hell out of anything she’s given…but don’t take my word for it! The proof is in the pudding – IE: the iTunes charts – where I’m sure we’ll see Danielle’s renditions of “Please Remember Me” and “Who I Am” do exceedingly well this week.

    You’ve Just Been McGraw’d. Taped messages from various mentors and superstars seemed to be an ongoing theme last night. My favorite would have to be Tim McGraw’s, simply because whenever I see him I think of 2 things: 1) The Blind Side & 2) That time Faith Hill scolded a woman for grabbing his crotch at a concert, cementing my belief that Faith Hill is more badass than she appears.

    Who are your favorites for the Final 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and tune in Monday at 8PM ET as I live-tweet the last Monday of performances (@katrinapmusic). You can also hear me this Wednesday (6/12) as I join “On Air with Tony Sweet” to talk my upcoming album, The Voice and PUPPIES (4-6PM PT at UBNRadio.com, Channel 1).

    For more updates, follow me on Twitter: @katrinapmusic and visit my website, www.katrinaparker.com.

  • Katrina Parker, former contestant on The Voice and Celebuzz’s celebrity blogger, shared her thoughts on Adam Levine‘s controversial comment last night.

    Levine was heard muttering “I hate this country” after Amber Carrington was spared, leaving the Maroon Five frontman with only one team member.

    “Last night’s results were shocking, and I think all of us have said things we may later regret in the heat of the moment (luckily for us it wasn’t on live TV),” Parker told us via email.  ”He doesn’t actually hate this country (obviously) – he’s just passionate about his remaining contestants and disappointed in America’s decision to send two of the best singers in the competition home. Could it have been stated more gracefully? Yes, of course…but he’s a fiery, passionate guy – what do people expect’s going to happen when his world is rocked like that?”

  • Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with Celebuzz.

    One night, eight contestants and some crazy staging made for an interesting week on The Voice. Plus I’ve got a nasty head cold, and my head is swimming (which made it even MORE interesting). Now wash your hands and take your vitamins, children. Let’s chat about this week’s episode.

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Michelle Chamuel’s take on “Grenade” may have been my favorite performance Monday night. I was nervous when they announced the song choice, but she put her own stamp on it, making it indubitably “Michelle” (mirrors, squats and all). Starting solo with an understated arrangement, bit by bit she built the song into an intense, pulsing affair with a stage full of supporting players. It turned the original on its head and gave it a surprising gravitas thanks to her emotional connection to the lyric. I like surprises, but more than that – I LOVE Michelle.

    Bond, James Bond. The Adele curse – I get it more than most. Her voice is so distinct and ingrained in people’s consciousness that it’s a tough proposition to cover her songs. If you sing them straight, you’re an imitator. If you try something new, people act like you spray painted the Mona Lisa. However, Amber Carrington escaped the curse this week. Despite a couple of uncertain moments, she sparkled on “Skyfall” (both vocally and visually). The hair, dress, makeup and staging were flawless, as was her dramatic, grown-up performance. PS: How can I get my lips to look that glittery?!

    Sticks and Stones. I wonder whose job it was to bring in the logs and weeds for The Swon Brothers performance of “Seven Bridges Road?” Those woodland gatherers might have been grumbling while they picked up twigs, but I’m sure they felt validated once they saw that onstage campsite in all its artificial beauty. This setup wins for the most hilarious staging of the night.

    Carson’s Burn Book. What was up with Carson Daly randomly calling Usher Urkel? It was a little funny but also a little awkward. Maybe Carson’s trying to build up his burn book? Maybe he’s eyeing Usher for an epic bromance? Who knows!

    2nd Biggest Burn. Usher responded to Carson’s burn by calling him Jimmy Neutron, which is perfect (TOO perfect actually – did they rehearse this??).

    3rd Biggest Burn. Adam Levine told Danielle Bradbery that it was nice of her to sing a song for Blake Shelton after her performance of “Grandpa.” Haaa, it wasn’t Usher vs. Carson, but it was good stuff.

    Return to the Thunderdome. Judith Hill did a stellar job on “That Power,” further demonstrating her versatility as a performer. Her vocals were on point (as always), but the most fun was seeing her command the stage and all the elements on it – from the pedestal to the players to the wild hair and wardrobe reminiscent of Tina Turner in “Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.” All those things might have overwhelmed someone else (but not Judith). It was the perfect way to open the night.

    Cutest Moment. When Carson asked for coach commentary at the top of the show, Usher played it cool – saying “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” and calling Michelle Chamuel a hard worker (a contrast to Shakira’s adorably straight-up begging for Sasha Allen). Then in a show of solidarity with his last contestant standing, he put on a pair of black horn rimmed glasses and announced he was joining her army of supporters. Cute factor = 10 (out of 10).

    Best Dancer Multi-Tasking – “Without You” was not my favorite song for Sasha Allen, but it’s impossible not to be drawn into her performances. There’s something truly special about her (even when the shoe doesn’t fit).  I also have to give props to her dancers for not only – you know – dancing but for also turning her circular pedestal, revealing secret stairs in some of the best staging of the night. I’d love for those guys to follow me around revealing hidden stairs so I can walk down them fiercely (just because). Yay for multi-tasking!

    Everybody Gets Mad. Holly Tucker (“Done”) and Sarah Simmons (“Somebody That I Used to Know”) were encouraged to find their angry places this week. Both did just that, turning in performances that had more attitude than usual. It was refreshing. Angry suits them well (just like glitter suits me well).

    A Song I Used to Like. Y’all, I love Gotye. I love him so much it hurts, but you know what else hurts? Hearing “Somebody That I Used to Know” constantly on the radio and then again on The Voice in Season’s 2, 3 and 4. Can we please open up a new songbook? Maybe dig into more Indie Singer/Songwriter tunes? Or Standards? How about Polka? Anything different would be welcomed.

    What Up, Grandpa?! The real star of The Voice this week was Holly Tucker’s Grandpa who was there celebrating his 79th birthday. When he gave a little gleeful “woo” for Holly, he officially became my favorite relative this season (outside of Karina Iglesias’s Abuelita). Let’s give him his own show! I mean, look at him styling with the hat and jacket and the effortless country cool?! Grandpa is living proof that awesome exists after 70.

    What were your favorite performances? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and tune in Monday at 8PM EST as I live-tweet the next episode of The Voice (@katrinapmusic).

    For more updates, follow me on Twitter: @katrinapmusic and visit my website, www.katrinaparker.com.

  • Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with us.

    The Voice has moved on from the feel good blind auditions to the cut-throat battle rounds. Let’s brew a cup of tea, braid each other’s hair and talk about some of this week’s highlights.

    It’s a Woman’s World. When Adam Levine paired Judith Hill against Karina Iglesias, I groaned. This is a battle setup we see often on Team Adam – the pitting of a 4 chair contestant against a 1 chair contestant (Something similar happened to me Season 2, y’all). However, Karina had more tricks up her sleeve than anyone realized. She showed a side to her voice we hadn’t seen in her blind audition, and she and Judith both set fire to “It’s a Man’s World,” going toe to toe in the fiercest battle so far. Judith’s win and Karina’s Steal via Shakira made everyone winners, except Adam who, in his own words, was ”the only loser.”

    Pass the Tissues…Again. Karina’s Abuelita is back, making everyone cry (and by everyone I mean ME).

    Most Entertaining Coach. Usher’s a little crazy, y’all…but is he crazy crazy or crazy like a fox? Between his “attract me to you” and “fight for the microphone” role plays and epic stare downs during rehearsals, his coaching’s proven itself to be in your face, aggressive and unconventional. Will it get results? That has yet to be seen, but it certainly makes for great TV.

    Favorite Accessories. Cute as a button Michelle Raitzin may have left the show, but her glittery headbands will live on forever in my mind. Headbands – get in my closet ASAP (that’s how the secret works, right??).

    Longest 30 Seconds. A few seconds can feel like an eternity when the losing contestant gives a rambling goodbye speech, hoping for someone (anyone!) to push their button. Even the coaches look uncomfortable, smiling too widely and leaning back in their chairs FAR away from the button.

    Just Say No to Montages! Despite the internet outcry last season, battle montages are back and as disappointing as ever. I’ve talked before about how time consuming and emotionally exhausting preparing for the blind auditions can be. Well battles are doubly difficult and involve weeks of preparation for what’s essentially an awkward duet. To go through all of that, make it through your battle and not see it air has to be demoralizing (regardless of the outcome).

    Papa Bears Rock. Blake Shelton may have picked Danielle Bradbury as the winner of her battle with Caroline Glaser, but his grilling of Adam and Usher over who would be the better coach for the budding singer/songwriter was adorable. Moments like this make me love the Steal option.

    Most Confounding Pairing. I’m not sure what Usher was thinking when he paired Jess Kellner against Taylor Beckham on “You Know I’m No Good.” Jess is all alto honey and warmth, while Taylor is all upper range and precise runs. Their tones are lovely separately but wrong together. I understand the need to challenge contestants, but I wish the coaches would remember that these pairings should also be enjoyable listening for the viewers at home. The good news is both Jess AND Taylor stayed thanks to Jess’s win and Taylor’s sweet Steal via Blake. The bad news is we (and they) will never get those 138 seconds back.

    Biggest Surprise. Amber Carrington vs. Sasha Allen – This was another 4 chair vs. 1 chair matchup via Adam with wild results.  Amber (with only 1 chair turn under her belt) really shined on “Try,” giving a stellar performance and winning the battle. Sasha (who turned all the coach’s heads last week) sang beautifully but also seemed to struggle. Her vibrato is rich and lovely but can sometimes read as operatic in the context of a pop song.  Finding the right commercially viable direction for her voice will be a challenge, but it could produce amazing results. Luckily, Shakira is up for that challenge. Happy endings all around!

    Tensest Moment. When Jeff Lewis laughed after making a mistake during his pre-battle rehearsal with Josiah Hawley, Usher basically tore him a new one – quietly and with swag. His scolding reached right through the TV screen and grabbed ahold of all of us. I felt ashamed. My dog put himself in a timeout. We’ll all try harder, Usher. I swear!

    Silliest Prop. What’s up with the white Kia SUV fake dropping the contestants off for battles? Everytime it showed up onscreen, I couldn’t help but giggle imagining them shooting hours and hours of B-roll while contestants hopped in and out again.

    Swinners Never Lose; Losers Never Swin. While I think Christian Porter might have provided the stronger vocal during “I Won’t Back Down” (nailing that high note he struggled with in rehearsals), Blake was unable to resist the allure of The Swon Brothers. I get it. They’re naturally entertaining both on and offstage, and their battle with Christian felt less like a battle and more like a bro-tastic jam between buddies. This marks the first time a duo’s made it past the battle rounds and the first time anyone’s used the phrase “nobody crapped the bed” on this show (thanks for that, Blake).

    Leave your favorite (or least favorite) moments in the comments, and tune in Monday at 8PM EST as I live-tweet the next episode of The Voice (@katrinapmusic).

    For more updates, follow me on Twitter: @katrinapmusic and visit my website, www.katrinaparker.com.

  • I can’t believe we’re already wrapping up blind auditions for Season 4 of The Voice. Next week it’s on to the exciting — and at times bewildering –battle rounds, but for now let’s sit back and enjoy this week’s most memorable moments!

    Sexiest Come Hither Stare. Hot Damn, did you see the smoldering look on Adam Levine’s face when he turned to watch Sasha Allen’s performance of “Not Ready to Make Nice?” Yeah, me too, and I GET IT. It started off a little timid, but once she found her footing the song went from 0-100 in no time. She doesn’t have the confident swagger of front runner Judith Hill, but that’s ok because her voice is ENOUGH. It’s a wonder – powerful, layered and emotive. I can guarantee Adam’s re-dusting a spot for his Season 4 trophy because he knows his bases are now covered.

    Best Hat Hair. Is Blake Sheltonwearing an imaginary hat? Someone please explain his hair to me in the comments. Also? The country moonwalk is back. Thanks to everyone involved in making that happen.

    Night of the Grownups. Watching Season One I was amazed by the variety of people on The Voice – all ages, shapes and styles. This is what the show used to represent for me, so imagine my delight when we had not 1 but 2 over 40 contestants make a team Monday. Shawna P.’s rendition of “She Talks to Angels” showed off her gritty voice to good effect and secured her a spot on Team Shakira, while Michael Austin’s solid performance of “Somebody Like You” earned him a place on Team Adam. Both contestants are scrappy, seasoned veterans in a sea of glossy, 15-25 year old contestants, and I can’t help but root for them.

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Whose Most Awkward of Them All? I’m filing the pre-audition mirror shots under “least favorite moments.” After 4 seasons of these, it’s become impossible for anyone to look natural while primping, deep breathing and/or high fiving themselves in the mirror.

    Best B Roll. This has to be the footage of a tiny Amber Carringtonsinging “Jailhouse Rock” Elvis style (cape and all). I found it utterly adorable. Her grown up take on “Good Girl” was more badass than adorable, so Adam nicely rounded out his team with this choice.

    Doctor Feel Good. I’m thrilled that Ryan Innes decided not to become a doctor, because his voice will do more for people’s health and well-being than any traditional medical treatment. His take on “Gravity” was gorgeous, a perfect fit for his raspy, soulful voice and sweet falsetto. I watched his audition in a room full of people who were jumping out of their seats, so I can’t imagine what acrobatics the rest of America was doing at home. Cartwheels?? Splits?? Usher – I love you. Now don’t screw this up.

    Most Uncomfortable Moment…For Me. Yes, Mary Miranda did a rousing performance of “Como La Flor,” but all I wanted to do was run onstage and give the girl a sweater. Listen, I am no prude, but let me remind you of her age – 17. Plus, it’s cold on that stage, y’all. Can someone please give her just a few more inches of skirt next time? FOR THE CHILDREN? (And when I say the children, I mean ME.)

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    Best New Music Term. Bluntry (IE: Blues/Country) — that’s the term Grace Askew used to describe her music. With her Priscilla Presley hair and hot dobro in hand, she spoke, growled and sometimes sang her way through “These Boots are Made for Walking,” landing on Team Blake. I’ve rarely heard so much personality injected into a blind audition. Would I love to hear more of her singing voice in the coming weeks? Yes, but she definitely got my attention with this ballsy performance.

    Usher Leg Watch 2013. Jessica Childress was the last audition to air this season, and she not only coaxed Usher’s leg down but also had the man standing before he even turned his chair. Her voice is big, bold and lovely, and her version of “Marry Me” was a fantastic way to end this portion of the competition.

    Funniest Moment. Speaking of Usher’s leg, it should be noted that Shakira’s imitation of his leg up posture last night was priceless (and impressively agile). I also did this at home, so she and I are practically twins, thank you.

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    Battle Predictions. I have none. This could be anyone’s game. That being said, my heart hurts for anyone who has to go up against Judith, Savannah, Ryan or Sasha as they are strong contenders.

    The Voice Lessons Learned (for next season’s blinds):

    – Please refrain from dancing during your blind audition. THE COACHES CANNOT SEE YOU DANCE. You’re just going to lose your breath and thwart your vocal performance (Cameron may be a great singer when he’s standing still, but we’ll never know, will we?)

    – Never sing “Teenage Dream” as this this song is not found in nature. It’s become bad luck at this point (like saying “Bloody Mary” 3 times into the Voice mirror! Just don’t do it!)

    – If you’re good enough to make a living as a background singer, my magic ball says you will “more than likely” make a team. Skilled BGV singers have been killing it on The Voice the last 2 seasons

    Leave your favorite moments and your battle predictions in the comments, and tune in Monday at 8PM EST as I live-tweet the next episode of The Voice (@katrinapmusic).

    For more updates, follow me on Twitter: @katrinapmusic and visit my website, www.katrinaparker.com.

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  • Another week, another great episode of The Voice!

    No one excited me as much as last week’s standout Judith Hill, but there were some memorable (and highly entertaining) moments. Let’s share a hot cocoa and chat about it.

  • The Voice is back and better than ever. I consider being a part of The Voice family akin to being in the mob: Once you’re in, you’re in. I will always be a fan of the show and consider it a privilege to tune in and cheer the new contestants on.

    Now my run on The Voice was uneven at best, but I’d like to think I have some idea of what everyone on that stage is going through… so here are some of my thoughts on the best moments from Monday’s premiere.

    Best New Coach. Usher is charming, but Shakira is my new BFF. She’s witty and adorable in a smart-but-non-threatening way. She’s someone I would love to take to coffee (we could talk what hair products she uses and how I can get my hips not to lie). While I miss the unpredictability of CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera (and their unique fashion choices), I am fully on board with the new coaches.

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