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  • Taylor Kitsch is an amazing actor, a wonderful person, and he is incredibly hot! He is so grounded and down to earth, he can carry an action role and still turn in an amazing performance in a dramatic role, just watch the Bang Bang Club or Gospel Hill. Very talented! He's the total package! Im just not big on Lautner, Im sure he's a great kid, but he looks about 16 and has that smushed in nose that makes him look more comical to me then handsome, and I really havent seen him put in anything performance wise that didnt seem kind of wooden. I hope he learns to stretch himself and not let the movie world stereotype him into a buttonhole where all he gets to do is take off his shirt and scowl alot. He just needs to mature as an actor more.
  • Sorry Alexander, but Taylor Kitsch in my opinion is the hottest of the hot! And he is an amazing actor and a wonderful person! Ill be at opening weekend of all three of his films coming out this year!