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  • she looks like a granny with blonde hair !!
  • [quote=rsac3]this is stupid, i grew up being a libra and now i'm supposed to be a virgo?!?!?! HELL NO!! i want to still be a libra, cuz it's suits my personality so well[/quote] YES !!! i'm a libra too!! and now i'm a virgo?? i love my sign so much and i will never change to virgo. it's absurd that they have changed it up, all the signs are meant to fit each person's personality. for example, libras are calm and hate fights,that exactly me!! (and you, i suppose) and now i'm a virgo!!!! when people ask me, i'll always say i'm a lbra ALWAYS !!
  • beard in high school? he looks like he's 25
  • well she isn't really hating on twilight, i mean, it doesn't make that much sense o go to high school over and over again. even edward mentons that in the book
  • [quote=whataho!!!]KRISTEN STEWART IS A CHEATER!!!!!!! whatAho!!!! She cheated Angarano with Robert, she cheated Robert with Hedlund, she'll cheat Hedlund with the next co-star! Once a ho, ALWAYS a ho![/quote] what are you talking about ???? michael angarano cheated on kristen, not the other way around !!. and kristen did not cheat on michael with robert, he even went to italy with kristen to film new moon and was always around. first of all, we don't even know if robert and kristen are actually a couple. so you can't talk about what you don't know. hedlund's rep denied that he was there with Kristen !! we don't even know if she was there too !!! please, get a brain, get a life. go to school and learn how to read.
  • i think they make a great couple and 2 years is not that much ! i think justin's fans get blind with jealousy and don't get to see that selena is actually a really nice girl, she's classy and a real lady, and i think she truly respects herself, not like other girls. COUGHtaylormomsenCOUGH take a step back and realise that justin deserves the best and i think selena is one of the best =)