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  • kim you look as if you are being held hostage You never smile and by these pictures Kanye looks so controlling all the best
  • Kim , stop letting Kenny dress you please what has happened to you ? I have been your fan for the longest time and your face and nose looks so different why?? I have to say your make up is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am not the only one that thinks that the media is laughing at you Kim. You can be with a Guy and still have your own personality you used to be so beautiful and I never thought I would say this but you are looking so ugly ever since you`ve been with Kanye I have nothing agaisn`t him I honestly believe he is jealous of you I remember when you came to London and he was with you the Faces he made towards you when you weren't looking was like a hate jealous look If you love him stay with him but get yourself together you are a mess Your hair looks nice I like the color it just doesn`t go with your self tanning what ever it is you are using on your skin I have seen your skin when it was lighter and it looks nicer and younger I am worried about you! love you