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  • My idol as a teenager is Beyonce because she is a powerful, widely successful African-American woman who has used her intelligence, talent and ambition to build herself an empire and shown me that with hard work I can do the same. Plus she's hella sexy #BOWDOWN
  • My favorite movie of the year was definitely The Avengers. Some of the best superheroes coming together to avenge the Earth from probably the most likable villain ever? It's perfect! The cast is amazing and the action scenes are engrossing and the plot unfolds beautifully. As well, Joss Whedon is a theatrical genius and I love pretty much anything he makes. P.S. COULSON LIVES.
  • Such a tough decision, but my favorite 1D song would have to be Over Again. It's written by Ed Sheeran, who can do no wrong, and each boy has their own part that does not fail to make me swoon and fall even more in love with them. I absolutely LOVE Louis' part and Zayn just goes to town vocalizing and I am all about that. The whole album is so fantastic, though! <3