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  • saline implants. those form more of a teardrop-like profile, whereas silicone tend to retain a more round profile. either way, the trained eye can spot definition among the top of the breast (whatever curvature it may hold), which is the key indicator for an implant! and that concludes my breast augmentation input for the day....cheers!
  • Lets put this to rest: She definitely has implants. Sincerely, The daughter of a plastic surgeon
  • Goddamn Her! Her tits are as fake as any I've seen, can't believe she is still manipulating people into saying they're real, any dummy with remote knowledge of breast implants will know they are such!!
  • btw-- is it just me or does she age a couple years in between each of her video interviews as well. b*tch looks 50 in this latest one :*(!
  • to age that much in a couple years must have taken some serious serious tanning, surgery and/or drug use and abuse. i'm sorry, there's just no way makeup alone could do that to you by age 16. totally sucks...she ruined herself.
  • i would love to see all of you that are criticizing gaga's appearance makeup-less in a national ad....probably wouldn't happen! i have always had respect for lady gaga due to her independent nature and disregard for disparaging opinions in the media and society. she's doing what she loves and loves her fans (and has made a fortune doing this), girl is beautiful in her confidence alone!!
  • just clicked over to her twitter....it is utterly disturbing...utterly. i just have no idea what is going on with this girl and why she is trying so damn hard to sexually exploit herself it seems :(, i hope to god she really isn't just 17...
  • just let them be happy for christ sakes, we can all speculate as to how long (or short) their marriage will last....but for what reason?? i am tired of negativity and naysayers in general, good luck to them is what i say! seems like she's been through rough enough times....
  • noooo, that's terrible that she is 16, from all aspects. she's gonna be getting senior discounts just handed to her by her 21st birthday.... (besides the obvious surgery), i am in awe of how aged this girl looks!!!