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  • I wouldn't go as far as 'slut' but its like "ok, we get it, your not a Disney kid anymore" I can respect that. BUT Irs like shes doing all this at once and I try and respect artists and what they try and portray as art, but uh I do feel shes really laying it on thick and starting to send the wrond message. Oh and pretty sure it was her idea to expose her breast in everyone of these pica. Have ya not seen her Wrecking ball video?!? Ridiculous. I get wanting to make your mark, but its just too much all at once. She needs to watch it or shes gonna end up ruining her career.
  • I'm about 90% sure shes lying! Shes a fame starved E Lister and will do or say anything to have some sort of career. She tried to go the Kim K route and it blew up in her face. So now here she is trying to throw her parents in. Absolutely PATHETIC! Stop trying to be famous and take care and raise your child! Gah!