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  • Oh my God! People are reacting like they've never heard of a divorce before! 'She should know what she wants in life now'. How shallow. Not every individual has a clear out look on what they want and what they want to achieve. She fell hard in to love and she clearly stated that she made a mistake. You can't sit here and make these ridiculous assumptions cause you don't even know what's going on behind closed doors. The money she wasted was hers and the time wasted was also hers. I don't know what's that a problem to you.
  • You don't know everything that happened. You only know what the media chooses to tell you. Kim deserves everything that this world has offer. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
  • Nobody likes to be used. Your assumptions are just plain shallow. She simply made bad decisions. She is judged harshly because her problems and mistakes are televised and made out to be something they're not by the media. It goes to show how HUMAN she actually is. She made a mistake and mistakes are the things that steer us in the right direction. To hope that it 'backfires' on her is such a sucky thing to say. Shit happens and things don't go accordingly and for the most you don't have so minimal information about the whole situation that you're not even in the position to judge. You saying this, I hope you realise down the track that bad choices are made and mistakes are the result but that's just apart of being human and we shouldn't get judged by the wrong decisions we've made.