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  • After four years of trying to break into show business but without developing any discernible and outstanding talent, it would be cool if she had some kind of marketable skill, anything. She doesn't even have a driver's license. I think that Doug is a very good actor, and it would be nice if he could recover his career.
  • If the quality of Courtney's latest (and much improved, imho) brand new promotional headshot is any indication, It's too bad that David Weintraub wasn't representing her from the very beginning. (Say what you will, but I like Hollywood Hillbillies. And I'm normally not a fan or a watcher of reality shows). He also seems more balanced and stable than the previous adults in her life. I think that Courtney's current and mostly one-dimensional image could use a serious makeover, if she wants to ultimately retain any shred of dignity in Hollywood, or in any media in general. She seems like a nice girl, but mostly self-obsessed and sheltered. She's made it too easy to dismiss her, and make her the brunt of one joke after another. Maybe now she'll start to balance out.
  • In regard to that so-called $5 million dollar online p*rn offer that Courtney Stodden supposedly received, it was from the Panoporn website and was actually an offer of just $100 thousand to $200 thousand, with the POTENTIAL to make a projected $3 million to $5 million from the subscribers. She was not offered $5 million, it was just a projected figure.